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Professional Fireworks Displays, Wedding Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays across the UK

Safe and spectacular fireworks displays for weddings and events since 1985. Based in the West Midlands we are perfectly positioned to organise professional fireworks displays throughout the UK.

There is no doubt that a professionally organised fireworks spectacular makes any event a memorable special occasion. The term 'fireworks display' is an understatement when it comes to Fantazia. Each and every event we enhance with fireworks is a Pyrotechnic extravaganza and it's not just about amazing explosions, we can incorporate and orchestrate live or recorded music, even laser light shows.

Imagine your own fireworks display for your wedding, your guests thrilled, and exhilarated; hearing feedback of "more breathtaking" and "more beautiful than the world’s best fireworks display" and yours is from one of the world’s best display teams...Fantazia, Creators of the Spectacular.

Our many years of fireworks display experience deems us capable of producing the most exciting displays in virtually any form, aerial extravaganzas from land or water, combinations with the very latest in laser light show technology, synchronization with either live or pre-recorded music, even startling shows in the broad daylight, we can handle them all.

The list of clients for whom Fantazia have provided displays and who return for more again and again is long and impressive, world famous names trust Fantazia to provide the very best and to provide thrills and excitement for their audiences on a grand scale, people choose Fantazia for creativity and artistry, for unparalleled expertise and knowledge, for dedication and sheer professionalism and for our ability to provide a display you will be proud to be part of.

Fireworks for Weddings

Wedding fireworks displays. Fantazia Fireworks have been organisers of firework displays for weddings for the past 34 years, we help make weddings very special, and with over three decades of experience we are more than capable of producing the most amazing and unique displays in virtually any setting.

Anybody can light a firework, but a wedding is special and our highly experienced fireworks technicians use a perfect combination of technical expertise and artistic flair to create that perfect memory of your perfect day and one that will be remembered and talked about for many years.

Every Fantazia wedding fireworks display is unique, it starts with talking with you and designing the display to suit you. We love to deliver surprises except on the invoice so the price you are quoted will include everything from site visit and full site specific risk assessment, colour coordination to the Wedding colours, all safety aspects and of course our �10 million liability cover, giving you and your venue full peace of mind.

Choose an indoor wedding fireworks display, or outdoor, even both. Daytime or night, Fantazia have the expertise to create fully integrated Indoor fireworks displays, these can include stunning waterfalls set behind the Bride and Groom for Cake Cutting, also beautiful silver sparkling fountains set around the dance floor for your First Dance any combination of Balloons including 1mtr Balloons filled with metallic confetti, all in your Wedding colours, these can burst at pre determined times to fill the venue with confetti.

Or how about fresh fragrant Rose Petals, fired over the Bride and Groom when cutting the cake, or indeed at any point during the celebrations

It's your special day and your wedding fireworks display, it is only limited by imagination, we'll share our creativity, and with safety in mind we will deliver
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Fireworks Displays for Corporate Events

Corporate events are often about celebrations, celebrating success, achievements, milestones and sometimes parting of ways, saying 'thank you' - so what better way to wave the corporate flag than to organise a dramatic glorious fireworks extravaganza?

A corporate event fireworks display makes a big bold statement, it leaves a powerful message and a lasting memory.

We are mindful that your corporate event could be anywhere you choose, indoor or outdoor, you might even have both. Equally it may run from daytime into the night. Whatever your type of event Fantazia will put together the very best team and expertise to create a fully integrated Indoor and/or outdoor corporate event fireworks display.

It's not all about fizz and bangs, we can incorporate elegant waterfalls set behind the speakers, Chairman of CEO for example.
Imagine sculpures of balloons in your corporate or printed logo, brand or message, each filled with metallic flakes, again in your corporate colours, time to burst at pre determined times to fill the venue with a real sparkle!.
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