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Wedding Displays

Fantazia Fireworks have spent over 34 years making weddings very special

Fantazia Fireworks have spent over 34 years making weddings very special, our years of experience make us capable of producing the most amazing and unique displays in virtually any setting.

Our highly experienced staff uses their combination of technical expertise and artistic flair to create a perfect image to round off your perfect day.

Every Fantazia Display is uniquely designed to suit you, and the price you are given will include everything from site visit and full site specific risk assessment, colour coordination to the Wedding colours, all safety aspects and of course our £10 million liability cover, giving you and your venue full peace of mind.

Fantazia can also perform fully integrated Indoor fireworks displays, these can include stunning waterfalls set behind the Bride and Groom for Cake Cutting, also beautiful silver sparkling fountains set around the dance floor for your “First Dance” any combination of Balloons including 1mtr Balloons filled with metallic confetti all in your Wedding colours, these can burst at pre determined times to fill the venue with confetti.

Or how about fresh fragrant Rose Petals, fired over the Bride and Groom when cutting the cake, or indeed at any point during the celebrations.

In fact if you can IMAGINE IT Fantazia can create it.